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Office Address

Jalan Kalisari I No. 8A,Surabaya
East Java, Indonesia.

Regional Surabaya can contact us at +6231-5355653
| +6231-5491374 | +6231-5323996 or by fax at +6231-5491372.

Regional Jakarta can contact us at +6221-6919267.

Regional Solo can contact us at +6271-857976 or by fax at +6231-6919268. Or you can send an email to

Because we are here to perfect your food’s quality.
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Twin Tower Apartment 2nd Floor
Jl. Kalisari I no 1, Surabaya
Jawa Timur, Indonesia


Branch Office Surabaya:
Phone : +6231-5355653,  +6231-5491374
fax : +6231-5491372

Branch Office Jakarta:

Branch Officel Solo:
Phone :+6271-857976
Fax : +6231-6919268

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